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Deed Restrictions

February 20 - Special Members Meeting.

BOD Meetings are scheduled for every third Wednesday of every month. Same location and time posted.

Cypress Woods is a deed-restricted Port St. John community just north of Cocoa and south of Titusville, Florida. This town is very close to a major employer in the area: Kennedy Space Center. If you are relocating to this area, imagine driving just 15-20 minutes to work every day! This is the place to be!

If you are considering moving into our community, please read our Deed Restrictions . These rules are designed to maximize your property value over the long run, and keep the neighborhood the kind of place you would want to live.

Each residence within Cypress Woods pays a very reasonable yearly fee to the Cypress Woods Homeowner’s Association (HOA) for their share of the management and upkeep of the community. Our HOA fee is much much lower than people are paying 20 and 30 minutes further away from all the amenities we enjoy!

Welcome to Cypress Woods HOA

Announcements & Updates

I have heard from some residents and also seen damage lawns done by wild pigs in the development. Areas along Yaupon Holly and Crepe Myrtle.

Damien, the person that services our ponds has helped people trap and remove pigs. Residents can reach him at 321-355-8299

When Governor Rick Scott has a state of emergency for the entire state. ARB's will not be required for any storm damage replacement of fences, roofs and tree removals or other storm related damage.

This will last for 90 days from the date issued. ARB's will still be required for any new construction and painting. Any modifications from the original Condition of property prior to the storm.
Sincerely, HOA E-Board

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Cypress Woods E-Board Officers

President - Linda Donahoe
Vice President - Lester Morales
Secretary/Treasurer - Kathy Denette
External Affairs - Ed Koza
Internal Affairs - Dom Suppappola

BOD Meetings
Scheduled for every third Wednesday of every month. To be held at at Parrish Healthcare PSJ Parkway.

Cypress Woods mailing address:
Cypress Woods HOA, Inc.
P.O. Box 10165
Cocoa, FL 32927

Phone - (888) 542-1555.